Barn Quilts

All the Jr. High made barn quilts. The 8th grade boys made one. The 8th grade girls made one. The 7th grade boys made one. And the 7th grade girls made one.

The Jr. high class Barn Quilts.

Our barn quilts are made 4 times smaller than most barn quilts so they could be put on a garage too.

There are many patterns to paint Barn Quilts. I will show you some.

This is Chris Breeze’s Barn Quilt

This was made by BuckeyeinTriad

This was taken by Chris Breeze

This was taken by bobs market.

This was taken by minnemom.

This picture was taken by minnemom.

Those are very few of the many many different patterns that there are for panting Barn Quilts. Barn Quilts are popular on barns.

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